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Our intention . . .

Yoga truly is for ANYone and our intention at Omni Yoga is to help people realize what yoga truly is, how it can benefit them daily, and to have fun while doing so.

We have a sincere passion for sharing the benefits of yoga and for helping people develop their own practice based on their needs/desires and on what truly resonates with them.  Yoga IS for ANYone, but it is NOT "one size fits all" since every one of us is uniquely and wonderfully made.   We encourage you to try all of our classes to see which one(s) fit you best, remembering that your needs may change along the way and, therefore, so may the class(es) that appeal to you.  We believe in not just telling you to "honor your body", but in helping you learn HOW to do so.   

Welcome to Omni Yoga. Oh, and by the way, your 2nd class is on us.



We are located in the MacGregor Village shopping center near US 1 S/US 64 W. 


107 edinburgh south drive, suite 109
cary, nc 27511