It’s no secret that yoga provides many benefits. It is becoming more popular in schools and in after-school programs for good reason. The benefits of yoga are well-known for adults, so it only makes sense that kids receive benefits, as well.

3 Major Benefits of Yoga for Kids are:

1. Yoga encourages healthy habits: Healthy habits that stay with people throughout life are instilled at a young age, and yoga is known to create and cultivate healthy habits. Yoga poses help children improve flexibility, build muscle and increase balance and coordination. Because poses are performed in various ways – sitting, standing, laying down – the movements are able to be adapted into everyday activities while ensuring mindful, intentional movement.

2. Yoga boosts confidence and self-worth: Yoga is a non-competitive way to engage your body and can be done alone or in a group setting. In working to achieve poses through modified steps and continually deepening the practice, a child can develop confidence and have a better, more concrete illustration of working towards and accomplishing something. Patience and perseverance are very important in yoga practices and teaching these skills early can help children excel in many other areas in the future.

3. Yoga improves stress management: In this crazy, fast-moving world we live in, kids are even more susceptible to getting caught up in it all and getting overwhelmed. From breathing techniques to focusing on a mind-body connection, yoga can instill many healthy coping habits when it comes to helping to reduce anxiety and stress, as well as actively dealing with it. Having an awareness of what is happening in a child’s mind and body can help them cope with it constructively.

Omni Yoga is proud to offer classes for kids to help provide all the wonderful benefits yoga can provide for kids. Take a look at our class schedule or contact us today to sign your child up for these impactful classes. Namaste