There are so many styles of yoga and yoga studios in Cary and serving Cary residents. With all of these styles, how is anyone supposed to know what is best for them? And, with so many options, many individuals choose not to try yoga because they are overwhelmed with the options.

We created Omni Yoga Studio in Cary because we wanted to make yoga available and easy for everyone. No matter if you are a beginner, kid, or an adult who has loved yoga for years, we have classes for you.

5 types of yoga classes that we offer on a regular basis are:

  1. Meditation: Meditation classes allow members to sit, engage with their thoughts, and increase their personal awareness. It is a great class for someone who has more health restrictions or just wants to work through things on their mind.
  2. Paced Yoga Classes: We offer a handful of different paced yoga classes depending on how fast or slow you prefer. For example, we offer a gentle yoga with a slower pace and dynamic yoga with more movement and a faster pace.
  3. Kids Yoga Classes: We regularly have classes for kids between the ages of 7 and 10 years old.
  4. Lifestyle Classes: We offer a variety of classes depending on what lifestyle you are in. For example, we offer a prenatal yoga class.
  5. Specialized Classes: We offer specialized classes for groups and parties. So, if you are hosting a special event and want to include yoga, we would love to help plan it!

The best way to see our yoga classes and see if your desired yoga class is on our schedule is to take a look at our schedule.

And, if you have more specific questions about our classes or booking a class, contact our team now.