Our Intention

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented time of uncertainty and change.  In the midst of these challenges, however, we are reminded of how our yoga practice can help us deepen our inward connection and we’re therefore able to call upon the resulting strength and determination to get through these days one by one.

I liken our current circumstance to pigeon pose:  We experienced intense uncertainty and discomfort at the beginning off the pandemic just as when we enter pigeon pose, when we’re settling and breathing into the intense posture that asks a lot of us physically and mentally as we contort and stretch our bodies.  Next comes easing into the pose, i.e. the required restrictions in an attempt to flatten the curve, which becomes more manageable as we connect with our breath and trust that we can do this even though it’s still uncomfortable and somewhat challenging.  Finally, as we hold the pose, i.e. maintain our precautionary measures and continue our connection within, we draw upon the resulting inner strength and determination that will ultimately see us through.

And when we are ready to come out, of both, sensation – intense sensation – will resurface.  Don’t forget to come back to your breath, to the strength you’ve cultivated.  We won’t be the same person on the other side, we’ll be transformed.  The challenge will change us – for the good.


Vicki Sanford, E-RYT200, RYT500, YACEP

Founder/Owner, Omni Yoga

We are located in the MacGregor Village shopping center near US 1 S/US 64 W.

CARY, NC 27511


(919) 561-1329

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