Creative New Year's Intentions for Yoga Lovers

Are you wondering what other yoga lovers are making as New Year’s resolutions or, to coin a yogi term, “intentions”?  Perhaps you’re trying to think of something more specific, more impactful, or something that will encourage personal growth both on and off the yoga mat.

We at Omni Yoga in Cary have heard some great ideas from our customers and are happy to share some  with you:

  1. Positive Power: This seems rather simple but focusing on the positive can change a lot about how an individual looks at and experiences life.  Beginning your new year with positivity as your focus will give you that “positive power” necessary to be more successful with all of your New Year’s Intentions. 

  2. Look Inward Regularly: Many of us focus on our external appearances during “resolutions season” – like losing weight, exercising more, for example, but instead, perhaps try focusing on the inside. Keeping a thought journal and dedicating more time to meditating can help you learn more about your response patterns and determine if any growth opportunities present themselves in this area.

  3. Staying Calm: There are many things that can cause our emotions and stress levels to rise and fall. There are a lot of health benefits to finding tactics to help us remain calm and not allow stress to get the best of us. Yoga classes and meditation are two excellent ways to manage the stress in our lives.  Perhaps this intention can simply be to include more of whatever it is that brings more clarity and calmness into your life.

  4. Preparing for Change: Change is going to come, that’s a given. Change can be difficult for many so they simply choose to ignore the possibility of change in their lives and this actually creates more stress and pressure, unnecessarily.   Change happens on a regular basis and will continue to happen throughout the New Year and planning ahead and practicing mindfulness – being in the present moment -  can help you manage the emotional roller coaster ride that is life. 

Adding more yoga and/or meditation  into your plans for the New Year is a great way to get started on these New Year’s Intentions.  Not sure where to start? Just click here and  pick a class from our class schedule now.   Your second drop in class is free and we at Omni Yoga are here to help you learn how yoga can benefit you, both on and off your yoga mat.  Happy New Year!