How Can Kids Benefit From Yoga?

The world we live in today has become busier than ever.  The bustling pace of everyday life is hard on us all, kids included.  They have much more added pressure when it comes to maintaining a social life, academics, sports, home life, etc. Finding an “outlet” in such a busy world is super important for the mind and body of our kids...and yoga is so great because it affects both in a positive way.

Yoga is an activity that is great for those of any age. Here are just a few of the numerous benefits yoga has for our youth:

  • Encourages self esteem

  • Brings about body awareness

  • Non competitive physical activity

  • Fosters cooperation and attention

  • Enhances flexibility, strength and coordination

  • Improves calmness and relaxation

Yoga is a low-cost activity that can have a huge, positive impact on kids. Yoga poses (asanas) are used in creative ways such as exploring animal adaptations and behavior. Music and playing instruments, storytelling and drawing are also fun ways to engage kids in a yoga practice.  This different approach to learning can help hold the attention of little ones while remaining fun and exciting. Breathing exercises naturally encourage relaxation reduce stress, and breath-work is a skill that will serve kids well now and continue to do so as they grow up.

Building strength allows the body to digest food easier and move and breathe better as well.  Balancing poses help increase the attention span of kids and can be especially beneficial for those who struggle with attention challenges. 

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