The Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga

Studies have proven the benefits of a regular yoga practice and the benefits of prenatal yoga for expectant moms. Pregnancy can be tough on the body and the relaxation of yoga can be extremely beneficial to the mother-to-be. 

3 benefits of yoga for expectant moms:

  • Increased Flexibility:  The body goes through many changes as the pregnancy progresses. Prenatal Yoga can assist in keeping the mother’s muscles strong and flexible.  Gentle stretching and opening of the hips and pelvic floor muscles prepare the body months in advance to allow for the baby’s passage. Squatting techniques in yoga can assist the mother’s pelvis in opening when it is time for the baby to be born.  The mom-to-be can also learn positions in class that will assist the mom during the delivery.

  • Increased Mental and Physical Strength:  Pregnancy and delivery is very strenuous on the body.  Keeping the body in top physical form is of utmost importance.  During classes, students are taught to relax their mind which will help during the delivery. Students are also guided through poses that test their strength and breath in preparation for their journey through labor.

  • Controlled Breathing:  Prenatal yoga teaches the mom-to-be how to connect deeply to the breath. In this state of deep relaxation, the baby benefits as well.  The deep breathing that is practiced in prenatal yoga can relieve stress and anxiety and improve sleep. The breath learned and practiced week after week in prenatal yoga class can be used as a tool to guide her through the labor process.

  • Alleviation of Pregnancy Aches & Pains:  Depending on the discomfort the mom-to-be is experiencing, there is almost guaranteed a yoga pose that can in some way ease the pain. From headaches to heartburn, carpel tunnel, constipation, low back pain, the yoga instructor guides the students through poses that can help relieve and soothe some of their complaints.

Yoga classes in Cary can help anyone learn relaxation and meditation. If you are ready to give it a try, pick a class from our class schedule now. And stop by to visit us at Omni Yoga!  

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