Highlight of Ashtanga Yoga

Here at Omni Yoga, our intention is to help people realize what yoga truly is, how it can benefit them daily, and to have fun while doing so.  Yoga is for anyone, however it is not “one size fits all”.  There are several different types of yoga to choose from, so this week we would like to introduce you to Ashtanga Yoga.

Ashtanga yoga is a system of yoga founded by Sri Pattabi Jois.  It is a highly structured, physically demanding practice that synchronizes breathing and movements.  This vinyasa-style class is full of quick and powerful movements.  There are five Ashtanga asana series that each student is required to master every pose of the first before moving onto the next. It allows the body to reach intense internal heat, leading to purification and detoxification of the body and mind.  

Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga

  • Profuse sweating purifies the body and mind and detoxifies muscles and organs

  • Focus and growth

  • Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Stress Management

  • Inner Peace

Ashtanga yoga is great for building core strength and toning the body.  It is identical from day to day and typically takes years to move up a level.  If you like a challenge, this practice is for you! Omni Yoga would love to help you grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. Contact us today for more information!