5 Questions Beginners Have About Yoga

Yoga can be intimidating to some who haven’t tried it, but it doesn’t have to be. At Omni Yoga, we have helped many people get started in yoga, so we thought we’d share the main questions people have when they’re interested in starting to practice yoga.

5 questions we’re commonly asked by yoga beginners are:

  1. Why should I do yoga instead of other workouts? Yoga is great for the body and the soul. In this hectic world that we live in, it’s great to have a habit of exercising your body and mind together to bring peace and calm to your life.

  2. I’m so out of shape! Can I jump into yoga? Yes! Because it’s low-impact, yoga is great for someone who’s starting to exercise. It teaches you proper body positioning, which is helpful in every physical activity you do - even sitting at a desk! We work with each person to offer modifications to meet them where their body is at that moment.

  3. Will people be nice? Yoga by nature is about balance of the body and mind, which attracts people who seek positivity in their lives. Because of this, we’ve been careful to create a nurturing, welcoming vibe in our space.

  4. What do I wear? We want you to be comfortable. For some, that means loose, free-flowing fabrics. To others, it may mean more fitted clothing that is essentially a second skin. Whatever you choose, it’s important to have breathable fabrics that allow you to move freely.

  5. Do I need all the equipment right away? All you need to bring is water and a towel. We provide yoga mats, which is all you need to get started. As you get deeper into yoga, you may find you like to add some extras, such as yoga blocks or a specific type of mat, which you’re welcome to bring.

You may have even more questions, but the best way to get them answered is to give it a try. If you’re ready to try yoga in the Cary, NC area, check us out today!