Which Types of Yoga are Best for Summer 

Summer is the perfect time to tone the body, strengthen the core, chisel the abs, and let go of anything that is a distraction from enjoying the beauty of every.single.day with a joyful heart.   The 7 Best Yoga Classes for Summer are:   1.Mindful Movement - A “slow flow” class, Mindful Movement is a practice that encourages the deep connection of the breath with the body. It’s perfect

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Other Events Hosted at Omni Yoga

Omni Yoga in Cary has a schedule full of amazing yoga classes from Dynamic Flow to Mindful Movement and more. But did you know we have some other incredible events happening soon? We have a passion for sharing the benefits of yoga and helping people develop their own practice based on their needs and desires.

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How to Pick the Right Style of Yoga For You

Yoga is such a diverse practice that there's always going to be something to suit everyone's needs. Despite what many people think, you don't need to be flexible in order to do yoga. People choose to do yoga for all sorts of reasons whether it be to relax and de-stress, tone your body, or strengthen

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