Join Us Via Zoom While the Studio is Closed

To create an account or sign up for class, click “sign up” on the schedule.  You can also download our FREE Omni Yoga app from iTunes or Google Play.  See you on the mat!  Namaste.  ***Note: while the studio is closed, we have a modified online schedule.  Sign up as usual, then receive the link to join the stream in your confirmation email.

Gentle & Gentle Chair Yoga

A slow-paced practice that allows time for your body to feel and register each pose while connecting to the breath. In Gentle Chair Yoga, a chair may be used during any or all of the class for support as desired. Great for the novice as well as the more experienced yogi.

Mindful Movement

A “slow flow” class that encourages the connection of the breath and body throughout the practice. Suitable for all levels, options will be given throughout for varying degrees of intensity and challenge.

Private Yoga

A private yoga class is a yoga class just for you and the style you prefer. 

Dynamic Flow

One breath per movement will take you through your flow before leading up to some core work that will also help to strengthen and tone your body.

S T R E T C H & Balance

Great for athletes, those who feel they’re inflexible, and anyone who just needs a good ole stretch (and who doesn’t?!).

Flow to Restore

Slow flow yoga sequence leading to long holding stretches with/without the aid of props (bolsters, straps, blocks, blankets) that will release tension and trapped stress from the body. Great class for anyone ready to let some stuff go!

“Anybody can breathe.  Therefore, anybody can practice yoga.”

— T. K. V. Desikachar