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*Note:  “Free 2nd Class” does not apply to Aerial Yoga.


Meditation is basically just sitting still, giving yourself the opportunity to observe all the feels/thoughts while increasing your awareness of YOU. It is an empowering practice that will positively affect your life day in/day out.


A slow-paced practice that allows time for your body to feel and register each pose while connecting to the breath. Great for the novice as well as the more experienced yogi.

Mindful Movement

A “slow flow” class that encourages the connection of the breath and body throughout the practice. Suitable for all levels, options will be given throughout for varying degrees of intensity and challenge.

Private Yoga

A private yoga class is a yoga class just for you and the style you prefer. 

Dynamic Flow

One *breath per movement will take you through your flow before leading up to some core work that will also help to strengthen and tone your body. *Ujayi breath driven, this is a relatively quick paced class for the movers and shakers/bundles of energy/challenge driven/fun seekers.

S T R E T C H & Balance

Great for athletes, those who feel they’re inflexible, and anyone who just needs a good ole stretch sesh. The perfect way to dip your toe into this whole yoga thing!

Flow to Restore

Slow flow yoga sequence leading to long holding stretches with/without the aid of props (bolsters, straps, blocks, blankets) that will release tension and trapped stress from the body. Great class for anyone ready to let some stuff go!


The foundation of yoga, this is a class specifically designed to strengthen, heal, and inspire you.


Qigong is an ancient Chinese health method that combines slow, graceful movements with mental concentration and breathing. Qigong is often referred to as “Chinese Yoga”. It can also be described as mind-body-spirit practice. Qigong opens the flow of energy channels used in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Kristin is teaching Jinjing Gong (Tendon and Channel Qigong) lineage she learned from her teachers in school. This lineage can be traced back to 2nd century China.

Roll, Renew & Release

Combining a bit of gentle stretching, yin yoga, and myofascial (muscle connective tissue) release, this yummy practice will help to relieve tension and habitual patterns stored in the connective tissue and fascia. Designed to “get the kinks out”, expect to walk out of this class refreshed and revitalized! Suitable for all levels.

Pre & Postnatal

In this class, you will be safely guided into poses specifically geared towards your comfort and support while pregnant and healing and restoring your body afterward. Te used of bolsters, blankets, and blocks will be encouraged and classes will vary between gentle and restorative specifically for the pregnant and postpartum yogi, but your friend/partner/spouse is always welcome as well.

“Anybody can breathe.  Therefore, anybody can practice yoga.”

— T. K. V. Desikachar