Selecting a yoga mat may seem like a simple task. For some, it might be a certain color that stands out or a certain texture. For others, it might be the price point, the ingredients, or the overall feel. No matter what the inspiration is in each person’s yoga mat quest – we at Omni Yoga would like to offer some food for thought when shopping; inspired by our friends at Consumers Advocate who did over 250 hours of research to determine the best yoga mats on the market.  

4 things to think about when picking a yoga mat are: 

  1. Functionality: There are many things that make a yoga mat functional. From the ease of packing it up and using it, to the way it interacts with yoga poses.  
  2. Eco-Friendliness: Most of us would assume that most yoga mats on the market are created with the environment in mind. After all, most yogis have a respect for the earth and nature. But Consumers Advocate points out in their research that this is far from true. In fact, many of the mats on the market contain ingredients that are not bio-degradable and even worse are made from chemicals and ingredients that we know to be harmful to the earth.  
  3. Value: The best-selling mats on the market are _____. What did you fill into the blank? If it was “inexpensive” or “cheap”, ding-ding-ding! We get it, who doesn’t want to get a bang for their buck? However, Consumers Advocate points out that the lifespan of the less expensive mats are significantly lower.  
  4. Design: When thinking of design, the obvious thing is to consider how the yoga mat looks. Looks can be very important. But one thing to also consider is how easy the yoga mat is to clean. It doesn’t take many yoga classes to realize that yoga inspires a sweat. When thinking of design, we like to imagine the mat with a before-duringafter approach in making our consideration of its overall attractiveness.  

Yoga has limitless benefits that are backed up even by science. And the right yoga mat can be a great contribution to each yogi’s practice, no matter the style preference. If you have questions about the right yoga mat, come join us at Omni Yoga and we can help you pick the right one for you!