In keeping with our belief that yoga is for anyone, we strive to include a wide variety of yoga classes on our regular schedule including:  Dynamic Flow, Mindful Movement, Ashtanga, Gentle, Restore, Kids, Tweens/Teens, Chair, and Prenatal as well as a Stretch/Balance class if you’re not quite in the mood for “yoga”.  In addition to regularly scheduled yoga classes, watch the website and studio postings for yoga workshops including but not limited to Eight Limbs of Yoga, Mala Making, Kids Holiday Yoga workshop and many more.  On the second Tuesday of each month we will offer “Lunch ‘n Learn”, a 45 minute “mini-workshop” featuring overall wellness topics, not ‘just’ yoga – this is BYOL (bring your own lunch).

Morning Meditation

Meditation isn’t about silencing your mind or ignoring your thoughts, it’s actually a practice of awareness, of being in the present moment, and actually becoming MORE aware of those thoughts while choosing not to allow them to disrupt or control your state of mind or being.  Meditation has many benefits such as reducing stress, relieving anxiety, promoting emotional health, lengthening attention span, enhancing self awareness, decreasing blood pressure, and improving sleep. Several types of meditation are Guided Meditation, Mindfulness, Vipassana, Loving Kindness, and Yoga Nidra – just to name a few.  We invite you to join us for these (and more!) meditation classes and workshops.

“The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.”