Top New Year’s Resolutions

It is no secret that the start of a new year is a wonderful time to make some resolutions to become a healthier and more fulfilled person. We at Omni Yoga are here to help you keep them all year long. We have outlined some of the most popular resolutions below: Get healthy: Whether it

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Top 3 Reasons to do Yoga in the Midst of the Holidays

As wonderful and merry as they are, the holidays can be a stressful time, but a yoga practice can help drastically during this time. We have listed below the top three reasons to do yoga in the midst of the busy holiday season: Stay healthy: Winter is a time when it is easy for people

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How to Incorporate Meditation into Your Life

The essence of meditation is not so much about being or becoming a different person, but rather, about embracing the moment as it is and embracing the you within the moment, without judgment. Through meditation, one can increase peace, decrease anxiety, better manage stress; and thereby live a fuller, healthier, more present life. Here are

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Why Should I Go to a Yoga Workshop?

From attending regular yoga classes to practicing at home, there are many wonderful ways to establish a regular yoga practice. One common experience many yogis incorporate into their practice is a yoga workshop. Perhaps at Omni Yoga, you’ve heard about our workshops and have wondered if you should sign up. The answer is yes! Here

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How to Pick the Perfect Yoga Mat

Selecting a yoga mat may seem like a simple task. For some, it might be a certain color that stands out or a certain texture. For others, it might be the price point, the ingredients, or the overall feel. No matter what the inspiration is in each person’s yoga mat quest – we at Omni Yoga would like to offer some

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3 Major Benefits of Kids Taking Yoga Classes

It's no secret that yoga provides many benefits. It is becoming more popular in schools and in after-school programs for good reason. The benefits of yoga are well-known for adults, so it only makes sense that kids receive benefits, as well. 3 Major Benefits of Yoga for Kids are: 1. Yoga encourages healthy habits: Healthy

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