At, Omni Yoga we offer a variety of yoga classes aimed at improving strength, mindfulness and flexibility. For those looking for a yoga class that is easier on the joins to start or end the day, a Gentle yoga class is the perfect experience to consider.

Here are 3 ways that gentle yoga is unique:

Non-load bearing poses. Gentle yoga involves a variety of poses that are ideal for those hoping for a yoga experience that is more easily adaptive as compared to other flow classes. Gentle yoga has been shown to have many physical benefits. Those suffering from arthritis, knee issues, or other movement limitations, have found great relief and improvement of their symptoms. Gentle yoga promotes an individualized approach to each movement.
● Morning Mindfulness. One of the best ways to start the day is by incorporating mindful movement. Most of our Gentle Yoga classes are offered in the morning, which is perfect for those hoping to take time to decompress before jumping into the busyness of the day.
● Accessible to All.  Gentle Yoga is accessible to all fitness levels. Yoga is about so much more than being able to perform a variety of poses, it’s about learning to remain present in day to day life, and honoring wherever you are each day, in your yoga practice and in your body.

Any individual can incorporate yoga into their daily life, and gentle yoga is the perfect place to begin. We at Omni Yoga will meet you where you are in your yoga practice while offering a non-competitive, relaxing environment where you are encouraged to learn, grow, and practice. Take a look at our class offerings and join us for a yoga class this week.