Summer is the perfect time to tone the body, strengthen the core, chisel the abs, and let go of anything that is a distraction from enjoying the beauty of with a joyful heart.  

The 7 Best Yoga Classes for Summer are:  

1.Mindful Movement – A “slow flow” classMindful Movement is a practice that encourages the deep connection of the breath with the body. It’s perfect for helping center all the thoughts and ambitions that summertime (and life) brings.

2. Gentle – A slow-paced practice that allows time for your body to feel and register each pose while connecting to the breath. Wonderful for recovering from summer workouts. Great for the novice as well as the more experienced yogi.  

3. Dynamic Flow  Every yoga practice focuses on breath and movement and is a workout. Dynamic Flow is a practice with added speed and intensity. Perfect for a pre-beach toning session and a core workout that is sure to burn for a few days. It’s a quick-paced class for what we at OMNI call the movers&shakers/bundles of energy/challenge-driven/fun-seekers. 

4. Qigong- An ancient Chinese health methodQigong combines slow, graceful movements with mental concentration and breathing. It can also be described as mind-body-spirit practice and opens the flow of energy channels used in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. A great practice for increasing health during summer.  

5. Restorative- A Slow flow yoga sequence leading to long holding stretches with/without the aid of props (bolsters, straps, blocks, blankets); that will release tension and trapped stress from the body. Restorative is a great class for anyone ready to let some stuff go, which is what we should do in summer.  

6. Yoga/Pilates Fusion- A gentle, but core-strengthening practice which gets yogis swimwearready. The combination of yoga movement and breath, with pilates-focused exercise, brings a unique bodytoning experience. If you want your abs to burn, this is the perfect summer yoga class.  

7. Roll, Renew & Release- Combining a bit of gentle stretching, yin yoga, and myofascial (muscle connective tissue) release, this yummy practice will help to relieve tension and habitual patterns stored in the connective tissue and fascia. Designed to “get the kinks out,” expect to walk out of this class refreshed and revitalized! Isn’t that what summer is all about? 

Summer is a perfect time to gain ALL the MANY benefits of yoga.  

Pick a class or two that meet(s) your individual needs and come spend summer relaxing, toning, unwinding, and renewing with us at OMNI Yoga! And don’t forget about the kiddos in your life, yoga has all the same benefits for kids. Bring them to our Kids Yoga 4 Week Series this summer!