We understand there are many workout options in Cary, NC and all sorts of studios of various kinds across the Triangle. But we believe yoga has many unique benefits that cannot be found in other forms of exercise. When all of the incentives of yoga are looked at as a whole, it becomes quite easy to see that yoga is an exercise worth investing in for the body and the mind – it is truly the-full-package.

6 Benefits of Adding Yoga to your Workout Routine

1. Muscle Strength & Toning – If yoga just looks like a bunch of stretching, we dare you to try it. While yoga is very accommodating to beginners, as each individual’s practice deepens, so does the intensity and demand of the postures. This encourages a gradual building of muscle strength and all-over-body-toning.

2. Increased Core Strength – Almost every pose in yoga, when done properly, intentionally engages the core. This results in core strengthening and toning in the most relaxed environment out of any exercise.

3. Stress Reduction – There are many reasons why yoga results in stress relief. The combination of deep breathing, meditation, soft music, intentional mind-clearing, the practice of putting away negative thoughts and so much more comprise the very fabric of the yoga experience. Scientific research has solidified the stress-relieving and mental-health-boosting effects of practicing yoga.

4. Corrected Posture – Having someone remind you to “sit up straight” may temporarily adjust your posture but will most likely not repair it in the long run. Yoga pro-actively readjusts and retrains the spine for correct posture.

5. Improved Flexibility & Pain Reduction – Who doesn’t want to be more flexible and agile? Yoga gently increases flexibility over time. Those aches and pains when standing up or doing a simple task do not have to have a daily place in your life when practicing yoga regularly.

6. Deeper Sleep – It might be the meditative effects of yoga or the gentle exercising of the body, but yoga commonly deepens sleep. Many people who have trouble sleeping will purposefully take a night yoga class and report much deeper, richer, and fuller sleep. It may also have to do with yoga’s neuroprotective and anti-depressant effects.

If you are looking for a workout studio in Cary, NC, we would love to see you in one of our classes at Omni Yoga. Check out our schedule for our array of offerings. Feel welcome to get in touch with us today to discuss any questions. Namaste!