March 24


06:00 pm - 07:15 pm


Omni Yoga

107 Edinburgh South Drive, Suite 109

Cary, NC, USA, 27511

Integrative Restoration or iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation, is a modern- day adaptation of the ancient meditative practice of Yoga Nidra.  It is a form of self-inquiry that research shows effectively reduces PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and chemical dependency; while increasing health, resiliency and well-being.

Barrie Altman-Timmins will guide you thru a 35-minute iRest Yoga Nidra. 

In iRest, we build our Sankalpa (A resolution to make a difference), based of 3 resolutions:

  1. Intention An intention is a declaration, statement or assertion that is set in present tense and states a fact.
  2. Heartfelt Desire– is you deepest longing, mission or calling that provides meaning, purpose and value to your life. It’s your “Dharma” It’s a heartfelt attitude that you hold most dear throughout your life. It is an expression of our Essential Nature that we formulate in present tense.

Ex: “I am loving and kind toward myself and other”

  “I am authentic in my action”

  1. Inner Resource– Is experienced as peace, equanimity, groundedness, and well-being. It is a tool that helps us feel relaxed and in control of our experience during iRest.  It is designed to provide us with an internalized felt sense of security and well-being that we can return to at any moment.

Setting an Intention is a vital step of iRest.  Here we lay the foundation of our Sankalpas, which are designed to develop, nourish and sustain attention and concentration. 

Barrie will explain these 3 in more detail before the practice. 

Please wear comfortable clothes and if you have an eye pillow or sleep mask, you are encouraged to bring that as well. Barrie will have a brief discussion about the practice and answer any questions you may have prior to the practice and she will also leave time afterwards for integrating back, answering questions and hearing feedback about the practice.